Ideology and Power in the Age of Lenin in Ruins by Arthur Kroker, Marilouise Kroker PDF

By Arthur Kroker, Marilouise Kroker

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In The German Ide%gy, one can distinguish two senses in which Marx uses the term. On the one hand, there are the famous observations, discussed by Kofman and others, about how the ideologists write his tory upside down. The ideologists are accused of writing his tory as seen through a camera obscura, as if it were an echo of human consciousness. These kinds of comments occur frequently in The German Ideology and occasionally elsewhere in Marx's writings, and they imply that the way of demystifying history is to set it right way up again, by studying his tory as it really iso In The German Ideology, however, there is another celebrated assertion about ideology, namely, that the ideas in any given epoch are above all the ideas of the dominant dass.

In each case, there was actually a theological representation of a relation between an origin (God, the Author) and an end (the subject-consciousness) through the Text, which was in turn considered to be a more or less transparent medium of this relation. The more everyday, secularized forms of this theologicallecture, secondly, were inscribed within the spontaneous sender/receiver figur es which were becoming prominent within the human and social sciences under the many forms of "content analysis" of communication.

He did however order that such a program of adjudication and removal should be done under the auspices of a special commission made up of the People's Commissars for Education and Property of the Republic and the chief of the Fine Arts department of the Commissariat for Education. together they were to work with the Art Collegium of Moscow and Petrograd. , and that he feIt it necessary for 'experts' to be consulted. Despite, for example, the fact that many hundreds of religious Icons were destroyed, it is still the case that Lenin's approach to the art ofthe pastwas significantlymore sophisticated than eitherthe legislators of the FrenchRevolution and many of the current 'post-communist' gQvemments in eastem Europe.

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