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Once the CIA was no longer allowed to fund the contras, CIA Director William Casey commanded Colonel Oliver North to secure covert aid and arms for the contras through a variety of different sources, one being the weapons sales to Iran. In December of 1983, the US Congress allowed for $24 million (much less than Reagan wanted) to fund the Nicaraguan contras. A few months later, the Reagan administration was working hard to find other countries to support the contras in their place. Among these countries was Saudi Arabia who, in July of 1984, began paying $1 million per month to the contras.

Author Jim Marrs, in his book Rule by Secrecy, noted that April Glaspie told Hussein, “I have direct instructions from President Bush to improve our relations with Iraq. ” Hussein explained his intentions to include Kuwait as part of Iraq. ” “We have no opinion on your Arab-Arab conflicts, like your dispute with Kuwait,” Glaspie replied. ” So Saddam, after receiving a green light from the United States, invaded Kuwait on August 2, 1990. Immediately after the invasion, Bush publicly declared, “I’m not contemplating such action…” after being asked by reporters if he intended any intervention.

I guess sending Iran weapons in exchange for the release of hostages was not a demand of the terrorists… maybe just a bribe from our government. Only a month later, Reagan warmed up to National Security Advisor William McFarlane’s plan to assist Iran in its war against Iraq due to the prospect of freeing the hostages being held by Iranian terrorists. A week later it was decided that Israel would ship arms to Iran and the US would replace Israel’s stock. By the end of August 1985, 604 anti-tank missiles were shipped from Israel to Iran in two shipments without any hostages being released.

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