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By Aeneas of Gaza, Zacharias of Mytilene

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50 years sooner than Philoponus, Christians from Gaza, looking to impact Alexandrian Christians, defended the Christian trust in resurrection and the finite length of the realm, and attacked rival Neoplatonist perspectives. Aeneas addresses an strange model of the nutrition chain argument opposed to resurrection, that bodies gets eaten through different creatures. Zacharias assaults the Platonist examples of synchronous construction, which have been the construction of sunshine, of shadow, and of a footprint within the sand. a fraction survives of a 3rd Gazan contribution by way of Procopius. Zacharias lampoons the Neoplatonist professor in Alexandria, Ammonius, and claims a number one position within the insurrection which ended in the cleverest Neoplatonist, Damascius, fleeing to Athens. It used to be simply Philoponus, notwithstanding, who used to be capable of embarrass the Neoplatonists through arguing opposed to them on their lonesome terms.

This quantity includes an English translation of the works through Aeneas of Gaza and Zacharias of Mytilene, followed through an in depth advent, explanatory notes and a bibliography.

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Aeneas, however, puts it to a very different use: his ‘beautiful story’ is nothing less than a lengthy account of the Trinity. Again, when at 5,11ff. Theophrastus responds to Euxitheus’ question whether the descent of the soul is voluntary or involuntary, he launches into an exposition borrowed extensively from Plotinus Enn. 1. The key Platonic passages to which Aeneas, and his source Plotinus, can refer here are Phd. 62B, where Socrates refers to a secret doctrine according to which men on earth are as ‘in a sort of guard-house’ (en tini phroura); Socrates’ analogy between the soul and a charioteer and pair of horses in the Phaedrus, especially Phdr.

7 EU. Now I also rejoice in this good fortune. And the wind was not, then, contrary but favourable and a friend of love, if it really sends the beloved to the lover. But tell me, are there those still amongst you who give instruction in the rites of philosophy, of the sort that our teacher Hierocles used to be? Do fine young men still attend on him, like Protagoras the Lycian,8 my equal in age, but my superior in beauty and talent? AE. All was fine back then, but now that is gone and come to an end.

From a series of references in the Letters, including a number of correspondents in common, we can deduce that Aeneas was a slightly older contemporary of his fellow-citizen, the sophist and rhetorician Procopius of Gaza (c. 465-528). He himself can be assumed to have survived at least into well into the second decade of the sixth century. As to the date of composition of the Theophrastus, there are no certain indications, but some time in the first decade of the sixth century would be a reasonable conjecture, after Aeneas had established himself as a teacher and rhetorician back in Gaza.

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