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In this sense the presence of A is no different than the presence of the gravitational field. In theory, a proper description of quantum mechanics of systems should include the effects of the gravitational field. However, it can be safely neglected because the field is so small, at least far away from black holes where quantum physics is done. Another feature of Eq. 58 is the dependence on the reference point x. This can be removed by restricting the integration volume to a region of space, excluding x, where the region contains essentially all of ψ.

Since mathematical systems are represented by structures, (Barwise, 1977; Keisler, 1977), one can use x to denote the collection of all these structures. x includes real and complex number and Hilbert space Effects on Quantum Physics of the Local Availability of Mathematics and Time Dependent Scaling Factors for Number Systems Effects on Quantum Physics of theSpace Local Availability of Mathematics and Space Time Dependent Scaling Factors for Number Systems 33 11 structures R¯ x , C¯ x , H¯ x , structures for operator algebras as well as many other structure types.

V. Weizsäcker – Structure of Physics, Springer, Berlin Zajonc, A. , Wang, L. , Zou,X. Y. and Mandel, L. (1991). Nature 353, 507 22 Advances in Quantum Theory Zeh, H. , (1970). Found. Phys. 1, 69; for a pedagogical introduction see: C. Kiefer, E. Joos, (1998). arXiv:quant-ph/9803052v1 19 Mar Zeh, H. D. (1996), in Editors D. Giulini, E. Joos, C. Kiefer, J. -O. Stamatescu, and H. D. Zeh, Decoherence and Appearance of a Classical World in Quantum Theory, Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg 0 2 Effects on Quantum Physics of the Local Availability of Mathematics and Space Time Dependent Scaling Factors for Number Systems Paul Benioff Physics division, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL USA 1.

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