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By Lisa Smedman, TSR Inc

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Rear conceal notes: "There are a few things that mere mortals have been by no means intended to know....In the area of Lamorida, medical professional Victor Mordenheim created Adam - cobbling the creature jointly from elements of human corpses. Now, years later, Adam desires revenge. Adam desires Elise, Victor's spouse. Adam desires Victor useless. The participant characters' send founders at the coast of the area of Lamordia. A vicious hurricane leaves them washed ashore, chilly and hungry at the ice-bound Isle of Agony....Then the fear begins...."

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Since taking over the monastery, Adam’s Children have reopened the mine entrance and are beginning to explore its tunnels. Immense wealth is to be had from the mine, which produces top-quality diamonds. But there is also grave danger. The tunnels and the crumbling monastery above them were pulled out of the original Lamordia and into the Demiplane of Dread at the same time as Victor Mordenheim and Adam. Since then, the hidden rulers of the demiplane have toyed with the beast that sleeps within the mine, gradually weakening the spell that binds her, waiting for just the right moment to nudge the monster to full awareness.

Adam's Children work in shifts, cranking the device and sending meager amounts of electricity to the dim bulbs that illuminate the monastery. 14) Charnelflreasury: A horrible stench emanates from behind this locked door. The lock appears to be new and This room contains human corpses in various stages of decay, and the fetid reek is overpowering. Some have been crudely decapitated, and some delimbed corpses have been sewn back together again. The air is thick mans. -the leather bags, each containing 1 6 4 diamohds.

Please,”he says, lives. The location of the monastery will earest friends. As you can clearly s s is dead; he won’t be mentioning it The man drops to his knees and exten “’iaven’t you done enough evil to this Gerta’s father. In his own madness, he beli the PCs to be members of a secret society flesh golems that inhabit a monastery some distance to the south of the estate, in the Sleeping Beast Mountains. Flesh golems had been sighted on several occasions in the hills near the estate, hence the militia that guarded the Von Aubrecker family.

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