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By Arther Adamson (Auth.)

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A Textbook of actual Chemistry

summary: A Textbook of actual Chemistry

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That is, the Ν molecules in the € box are taken to be indistinguishable, as are the N molecules in the e box, and so on. We must then divide out the permutations that should not be present. Thus in the case of system 2, there are 6! ways of permuting the molecules in the * box, 3! ways for the e box, and 1! or one way for the c box. ) = 840. The general statements of the preceding conditions are then 1 τ 2 3 1 2 2 1 2 3 Ν = £ Ν • = constant, (2-8) Ε = £ Ni€ = constant, (2-9) 4 t W AM where N denotes the number of molecules in the zth state of energy e and W is the statistical weight or probability of the particular distribution.

Ans. 1-12 nRT. Calculate the second and third virial coefficients for C 0 assuming it t o be a van der Waals gas. Ans. 31 k m . 1026 K . Calculate the v a n der Waals constants for H 0 from its critical point. 2 Ans. 0304 liter m o l e " [Eq. 0185 liter m o l e " [Eq. (1-56)]. 2 2 1 1 34 CHAPTER 1: IDEAL AND NONIDEAL GASES 1-13 Fifty moles o f N H is introduced into a two-liter cylinder at 25°C. Calculate the pressure if (a) the gas is ideal and (b) it obeys the van der Waals equation. 3 Arts, 1-14 U s i n g F i g .

9 c m used for Fig. 1-12). One result is that while one would expect the 25°C curve of Fig. 9 c m mole"- . Clearly, a different set of a and b values would better represent this region of the P-V-T plot for water. It is as a consequence of such quantitative deficiencies of the van der Waals equation that various more elaborate analytical equations of state have been proposed. Some of these are mentioned in the Commentary and Notes section. 3 -1 3 c 3 3 1 3 1 COMMENTARY AND NOTES A section of this type occurs at the end of the main portion of most chapters.

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