H Suschitzky; O Meth-Cohn; Great Britain. The Royal Society's a review of the literature abstracted between July 1980 and PDF

By H Suschitzky; O Meth-Cohn; Great Britain. The Royal Society of Chemistry

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H. Burger. and E. F. Roberts, J. Chem. ,Chem. , 1980,889. W. D. Rudorf, Tetrahedron, 1980,36, 1791. 200This forms the last step in a mild, general method for preparation of oxazolines, starting from the conversion of a wide range of carboxylic acids into their acyl-imidazoles, with subsequent addition of aziridine, to give quantitative yields of the corresponding N-acyl-aziridines (260). 201The cell consisted of a platinum anode and a graphite cathode, using Bun4" C104 in MeOH, CH2C12,or MeCN as the electrolyte; yields of up to 80% have been reported, with low consumption of electricity.

C. , J. Chem. ,Chem. , 1980,93. 14 Heterocyclic Chemistry carcinogen. The 8,9-oxide (86), a major initial metabolite of this compound, The major isolated has been synthesized in optically pure (+)- and liver metabolite of (86) is a diol with 8R,9R stereochemistry, and this has been shown to be enzymatically derived from the (+)-isomer. "This compound is the aza-analogue of the carcinogenic hydrocarbon 7-methylbenzanthracene. Miscellaneous Syntheses of Oxirans. 83The reaction (Scheme 8) is thought to proceed via initial attack by superoxide on the sulphonic acid (89),followed by electron transfer, leading to the nucleophile (90); this adds to substrate to produce an intermediate (91), which then cyclizes to epoxide (92).

234) (235) "'I. Ikeda, Y. Machii, and M. Okahara, Synthesis, 1980, 650. P. Metra and J. Hamelin, J. Chem. , Chem. , 1980, 1038. "' J. N. Denis and A. Krief, Tetrahedron, 1979, 35,2901. '*' lS3 M. Weitzberg, 2. Aizenshtat, P. Jerushalmy, and J. Blum, J. Org. , 1980, 45,4252. N. DeKimpe, R. Verhe, L. DeBuyck, and N. Schamp, J. Org. , 1980,45,5319. lS4 Preparation of Aziridines via Ring-Contraction. r. spectra, and it was probably formed uia a biradical intermediate. -The Michael addition of free sulphimides to unsaturated carbonyl compounds affords a one-step synthesis of aziridines.

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a review of the literature abstracted between July 1980 and June 1981 by H Suschitzky; O Meth-Cohn; Great Britain. The Royal Society of Chemistry

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