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For centuries, the examine of elliptic curves has performed a critical function in arithmetic. The earlier century particularly has visible large growth during this examine, from Mordell's theorem in 1922 to the paintings of Wiles and Taylor-Wiles in 1994. still, there stay many primary questions the place we don't even understand what kind of solutions to anticipate.

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To get an idea of the type of algebra that one may obtain by this formal completion process, consider a vectorial field theory on a manifold M, with configuration space C = E → M a vector bundle and space of histories H = Γ (M, E) its space of sections. If ϕ0 is the zero field, the formal completion Oϕ0 (H ) may be described explicitly by using distributional symmetric formal power series: Oϕ0 (H ) = HomR Γ M n , E n ,R Sn . n≥0 One may think of these formal power series as forming the algebra of functions on the restriction of the space Γ (M, E) to infinitesimal thickenings • → T of the point ϕ0 = 0 in H , given by algebras of the form C ∞ (Rn )/(x1 , .

It is morally the union of all finite powers M S of M along all diagonal maps (and in particular, along symmetries induced by bijections of S). One may also view this space as a useful way of encoding notions that are compatible with the collapsing of families of points in M to one given point (see Fig. 22). 11 Doctrines and Theories 23 Fig. 22 The collapsing of a family of points in a manifold The corresponding parametrized geometry is given by the D-geometry of factorization spaces on the Ran space.

It is thus the categorical analog of a monoid. Note that our definition of a monoidal higher category differs a little from the one usually used in the literature, but both are equivalent, by Mac Lane’s coherence theorem [ML98]. The following theorem was first stated by Baez and Dolan in [BD98]. A complete proof can be found in Lurie’s book [Lur09c], Sect. 2. 1 A k-monoidal n-category is equivalent to an (n + k)-category with only one morphism in degrees smaller than k. The following result was stated by Baez and Dolan in [BD98] and is fully proved by Simpson in [Sim10], Chap.

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