Ana Maria Rodriguez's A Day in the Life of the Brain (Brain Works) PDF

By Ana Maria Rodriguez

ISBN-10: 0791089479

ISBN-13: 9780791089477

ISBN-10: 1438101023

ISBN-13: 9781438101026

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1). 1 Touch and pain receptors send signals through the spinal cord and on to the brain. Sensory receptors are found in both the epidermis (upper layer) and dermis (lower layer) of the skin. such as prostaglandins, that triggered a nerve impulse in the nociceptors. This message resulted in pain. The coach pulled a clean cloth out of his first-aid kit and wiped away the blood on Mark’s head. Mark tried not to complain and keep a straight face in front of his teammates, but it was hard. Every time the coach touched his forehead even slightly, Mark winced in pain because his pain receptors were constantly firing messages to the brain.

He liked learning ways to solve everyday problems, such as knowing exactly how much change he would get at the store. His mother let him keep the change, so Mark always wanted to know how much he would get to keep for himself. Today, Ms. Einstein, the math teacher, gave her class a worksheet with two types of problems. For the first half of the problems, Mark had to calculate the exact result of adding and multiplying single-digit numbers. For the second half, he would have to estimate the result of adding and subtracting single-digit numbers.

The Scrimmage Mark put on his most comfortable T-shirt and shorts. He slid his shin guards up his legs and then he pulled long, thick socks on top of them. He tied his soccer shoes tight, secured the ball and a bottle of water inside his backpack, and jumped on his bike. He pedaled to the soccer field, just a few blocks away from his home. 60 Dealing with Pain When practice began, Mark and his teammates stretched, ran around the field, and practiced kicking and passing drills. Mark enjoyed all these activities, but most of all he liked the scrimmage that he and his teammates would play among themselves toward the end of practice.

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