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In his contemporary publication opposed to Liberalism, thinker John Kekes argued that liberalism as a political method is doomed to failure via its inner inconsistencies. during this better half quantity, he makes a strong case for conservatism because the most sensible substitute. His is the 1st systematic description and security of the elemental assumptions underlying conservative idea.

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But he shook his head with the observation that human nature had not changed in sixty years. Secretary Mellon was not hard-hearted.... He felt there would be less suffering if his course were pursued. The real trouble with him was that he insisted that this was just an ordinary boom-slump.... S. history. (Quick! ) And though we can quibble about the word "ordinary," Mellon was also correct in saying that the depression would have been a boom-slump, comparable to all earlier ones, if only Hoover's administration had pursued the same laissez-faire approach that all earlier administrations had followed.

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