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By Christopher Lampton

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Instructs those that have already programmed in high-level languages in programming with the extra strong and flexible meeting or computer language.

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The following instructions can be used with the Y regis- [50] ter as index: ADC, AND, CMP, EOR, LOA, LOX, ORA, SSC, STA. Indexed addressing may be used with zero-page addressing (that is, a zero-page address plus an index value), but in this case only the X register may be used as an index. The following instructions can be used with indexed zero-page addressing: ADC, AND, ASL, CMP, DEC, EOR, INC, LDA,LDY, LSR,ORA,ROL,ROR,SSC,STA,STY. INDIRECT ADDRESSING: There is only one instruction in 6502 machine language that can use the indirect addressing mode, but the concept of indirect addressing is echoed in several other 6502 addressing modes, so it is worth talking about in some detail.

For instance, suppose the value that we wish to manipulate with our instruction is stored at memory address 5044. With indirect addressing, we would first store the number 5044 in two consecutive memory addresses, then use the first of those addresses as the indirect address in the instruction itself. If this seems less than clear, don't worry. It's hard to understand indirect addressing without first seeing an example or two. The only instruction in the 6502 instruction set that can use true (or "absolute") indirect addressing is the JMP instruction.

Used to aid in the debugging of computer programs. [43] ClC: Affects a specific bit within the status register (SR), called the carry flag. More about this later. SEC: Similar to the above instruction, but with a slightly different effect. ClV: Affects a specific bit within the status register, called the overflow flag. We will not be discussing the overflow flag in this book, except in passing. CLI: Affects the manner in which interrupts are recognized. We will not be discussing interrupts in this book.

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